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The Buttry Diary- Make every word count: Tips for polishing and tightening copy

Steve Buttry emphasizes the ability for writing tight stories in order to hold the reader’s attention. Buttry stresses the following key tips that make for better, tighter writing. Write for the reader, not the source Include only the most important information. Don’t bore the reader with excess information. Don’t cram all the information into a […]

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The Buttry Diary- Webinar on how journalists should use Facebook and Twitter

Steve Buttry presented a webinar on how to apply social media platforms Facebook and Twitter to journalism. According to Buttry, journalists can use Facebook and Twitter to keep up with social discussions and generate conversation through crowdsourcing and community feedback. These sites are also great tools for marketing, promotions or building a brand. Buttry highlights […]

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The Buttry Diary- Developing timeless skills for constantly changing journalism careers

Steve Buttry highlights timeless journalism skills that are applicable to all platforms. Get the facts right. A journalist can lose all credibility if their accuracy is compromised. Always verify your sources and ask, “How do you know that?” Keep your writing tight. Make every word count and have a sharp focus. Avoid the suitcase lead. Instead, […]

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The Buttry Diary- Career lessons from a former ‘Twitter monkey’

Steve Buttry offers career advice on how journalists can break out of the twitter monkey status. Buttry’s advice is useful for any journalist wanting to advance in the newsroom and gives an accurate depiction of what the next steps are. Some of the strong points that I would like to emphasize are: Take initiative and […]

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I set up a Pinterest account about two weeks ago, but I left it inactive until today. I started pinning this morning for the first time, and have accumulated 92 pins in the past hour already! Pinterest is a photo sharing, social media Web site, which allows users to browse through photo collections, also known […]

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Briggs: Chapter 9

Data-Driven Journalism and Digitizing Your Life As we live in the information age, data is a major portion of our personal and professional lives. This chapter offers insight on how to enhance productivity using digital tools. Email: Manage your email account by utilizing filters and folders to organize content. Limit the time your email is […]

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Briggs: Chapter 8

Telling Stories with Video Visual journalism is a versatile form of storytelling through video. YouTube has revolutionized the concept of video journalism, granting virtually everyone the ability to produce and publish digital video on any topic. With YouTube, the audience is now open to all levels of quality and quick, unedited video footage is drawing […]

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Google Timeline and Map: Places I’ve lived

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The Buttry Diary- When should journalists use branded social media accounts? Or individual accounts?

Steve Buttry addresses concerns on how journalists should handle crowdsourcing through personal and newsroom social media accounts. According to Buttry, crowdsourcing or community engagement can be done through branded newsroom and personal social media accounts. Although a branded account may carry a larger audience, sometimes journalists are able to generate a more powerful response from […]

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Workshop II: Introduction to Photoshop

  This workshop was a general introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS5. As a novice user, this workshop taught me a variety of basic photo editing skills such as: Basic interface and navigation for Photoshop Understanding the multiple features and editing options Simple photo edits: crop, resize, color contrast/brightness, saturation, adding text to photos, color replacement and brush tool […]

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