The Buttry Diary- Webinar on how journalists should use Facebook and Twitter

April 12, 2012

Steve Buttry presented a webinar on how to apply social media platforms Facebook and Twitter to journalism.

According to Buttry, journalists can use Facebook and Twitter to keep up with social discussions and generate conversation through crowdsourcing and community feedback. These sites are also great tools for marketing, promotions or building a brand.

Buttry highlights the following tips on how to effectively use Facebook:

  • Check agency pages for people on beat
  • Crowdsource by asking questions on other pages
  • Look for people in the news
  • Ask permission to use photos
  • Use Facebook advanced search

Tips for Twitter:

  • Follow officials and agencies on beat
  • Advanced Twitter search
  • Live-tweet sporting events or breaking news
  • Use the appropriate hashtag
  • Check the full Twitter profile
  • Seek verification on sources and Tweets
  • Ask, “How do you know that?”
  • Join the local conversation and follow others regularly
  • Tweet early and often
  • Link to other news sources
  • Promote up-to-date content

Finally, Buttry gives insight on time management skills:

  • Invest time and integrate social media into reporting and editing
  • Organize content with TweetDeck and HootSuite
  • Scan through tweets and decide which ones are important
  • Curate relevant and related content


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