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Workshop I: Word 2010- Advanced Formatting

Microsoft Word 2010 advanced workshop covered several advanced formatting skills to edit documents. Track Changes allows individuals to note changes and edits made to a document. This feature is an easy way to edit another person’s work and communicate those changes effectively through markups, highlighting and comment balloons Advanced find and replace may be used […]

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The Buttry Diary: 13 ways a reporter should use a beat blog

Steve Buttry shares 13 ways reporters should cover a beat blog: Liveblog Post quick tidbits Link Post source documents Use video clips Use audio clips Feed in your tweets Crowdsource Curate the conversation Report unfolding stories Seek feedback Post drafts of stories Post frequently Buttry highlights some excellent points on how to effectively cover a […]

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Slideshow- Family Time

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Briggs: Chapter 11

Building a Digital Audience for News Content of interest should be easily found through search engines and social media sites. Measuring journalism Track, measure and adapt Track all that you publish Total news stories per day News stories by topic Total blog posts per day Slide shows per week Videos per week News updates Social […]

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Briggs: Chapter 10

News as a Conversation Journalists are engaging in news conversations through comments and social networking: Comments serve as a place for readers to openly discuss and debate topics. Nowadays, almost all online stories have a section for user-generated content, which allows the audience to connect with each other through news, photo and video sharing. Social […]

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The Buttry Diary- Digital Ninja School: A plan and incentives for newsroom training

Steve Buttry discusses a new training concept out of Connecticut that puts a twist on digital skill development. The Digital Ninja School is a new training program that will train journalists in Digital First Newsrooms to develop skill sets in five key areas: Digital publishing Social media Blogging Video Data The training program emulates the […]

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Journalism Next: Chapter 6

Digital cameras provide convenience and portability with the ability to capture photos, review, upload, edit and share on the Web in a matter of minutes. Photos are made of pixels, a visual representation of data in a digital image. Photo resolution measures the number of pixels in an image. High-resolution images should be compressed for […]

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Journalism Next: Chapter 5

Mobile journalism allows reporters and average citizens to provide firsthand coverage with the ability to post updates, photo and video from a cell phone and onto the Web. Mobile reporting can be done on any medium from any location and serves as a supplement to in-depth reporting. Mobile reporting can cover an array of events, […]

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Skillset #2

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The Buttry Diary- 10 ways to think like a Digital First journalist

Steve Buttry highlights some characteristics of Digital First journalists that differ from the traditional mindset of journalism. Digital First journalists work for digital platforms, and since journalism is constantly changing, they are always experimenting with new social tools and trying to diversify their techniques. Digital First journalists utilize collaborative journalism to their fullest advantage by […]

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