The Buttry Diary: 13 ways a reporter should use a beat blog

March 1, 2012

Steve Buttry shares 13 ways reporters should cover a beat blog:

  1. Liveblog
  2. Post quick tidbits
  3. Link
  4. Post source documents
  5. Use video clips
  6. Use audio clips
  7. Feed in your tweets
  8. Crowdsource
  9. Curate the conversation
  10. Report unfolding stories
  11. Seek feedback
  12. Post drafts of stories
  13. Post frequently

Buttry highlights some excellent points on how to effectively cover a beat. I found the following tips to be most useful:

  • Video and audio are key elements to hold readers’ attention.
  • Linking can help increase credibility and provide further information on a topic.
  • Reporters should get the audience involved in the conversation by asking questions and encouraging them to provide feedback on stories.
  • Storify is an effective tool used to combine social media elements to tell stories.
  • According to Jeff Jarvis, a story is a process, not a product. Reporters should get into the habit of posting information frequently. Report newsworthy events as it breaks.

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