Briggs: Chapter 3

February 6, 2012

Chapter three is about open reporting and publishing, a new type of journalism that collaborates with readers. This type of reporting is ubiquitous, with sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia, Facebook and more. News organizations are moving in the direction of integrating more collaborative news reporting approaches such as crowdsourcing, open-source reporting and pro-am journalism.

Crowdsourcing or distributed reporting focuses on a large group of people committed to a specific task or project. With crowdsourcing, the public shapes the reporting

Open-source reporting is collaborative with the audience and brings readers closer to journalists. Furthermore, news organizations disclose stories that are premature and enable readers to report the story. Open-source reporting helps prevent reporter bias and increases journalist credibility. It encourages feedback and enables the audience to participate in news process.

Beatblogging is a type of open-source reporting, in which a blog or online platform acts as a social network around a reporting beat or coverage area. This serves as an area for discussion and commentary among users. Beatblogging helps reporters get a better sense of a topic by listening to multiple perspectives.

Link journalism provides links for the audience to easily access other sources of information. For example, the Drudge Report is simply a news aggregator that contains links to news content, and yet it attracts 25 million visitors a day and is one of the most popular news sites. Link journalism is valuable for navigation and helps to build readership. It also collaborates with different news organizations, which provide links to other news sites. This way, readers can find additional news sources on related subjects.

Pro-am journalism is when an audience may publish on the same online platform as journalist. This type of journalism enables readers to become the reporter and publish news, thereby providing a broader selection of information. One example of pro-am journalism is CNN iReport, a phone application that allows the public to post photos or videos. Some content may even be aired on CNN.

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