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The Buttry Diary- Questions and answers about journalists’ opinions in social media

Steve Buttry addresses the issue of journalists’ expression via social media with three main principles: Opinions are not fundamentally unethical journalism– Editors and reporters conduct subjective news judgments on a daily basis. Numerous opinions are expressed when deciding on a story, based on elements such as timeliness, significance, facts, news angle, etc. Opinions matter, and […]

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The Buttry Diary- Engage on community Facebook pages, not just your page

In order to harness the power of social media to better engage with users, journalists must take initiative to reach out to Facebook community pages. Steve Buttry shares tips to aid journalists with proper Facebook community engagement. They are: Identify community Facebook pages that are worth following Ask questions on community pages, be receptive towards […]

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Briggs: Chapter 3

Chapter three is about open reporting and publishing, a new type of journalism that collaborates with readers. This type of reporting is ubiquitous, with sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia, Facebook and more. News organizations are moving in the direction of integrating more collaborative news reporting approaches such as crowdsourcing, open-source reporting and pro-am journalism. […]

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[View the story “GMU Homecoming 2012” on Storify]

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The Buttry Diary- You can quote me on that: Advice on attribution for journalists

Steve Buttry shares a quick guide for journalists on how to effectively attribute sources without wearing out writing. Buttry states that attribution is used to ensure credibility and lets readers know where reporters got the information. Therefore, it is important to attribute facts provided by another source, opinions and when using someone else’s words. Public […]

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Journalism Next: Chapter 2

In chapter two, Briggs offers tips on how to start and maintain a blog. In this day and age, anyone with access to a computer can get published online by starting their own blog. Blogs are being used a lot more as a publishing platform for journalists, with the ability to engage the audience through blog […]

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Journalism Next: Chapter 1

Chapter one touches on the technical aspects of understanding digital information and the Internet. The author differentiates between Internet and the World Wide Web. According to the book, the Internet is a network of computers which are connected to share information while the web is the way information is accessed through networks by web browsers. […]

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Journalism Next: Introduction

“Journalism Next” by Mark Briggs is a guide on how to engage in digital journalism and reporting across multimedia platforms. Briggs introduces the book with a few statements that are pertinent to aspiring journalists. First, as we live amongst the digital information age, journalism has evolved past newspapers and print and spread to several multimedia […]

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I Really Need You to Read This Article, Okay?

In response to Joel Achenbach‘s article, I agree with his statement, “Good writing remains good writing regardless of platform.” Although the Internet may attract sensational stories with informal language, readers are still looking for well written journalism and can still appreciate solid writing, even if it is on the web. Also, if journalists collaborate with […]

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My media pyramid

The majority of my media consumption is with social media applications on my smartphone such as Facebook, Twitter and the CNN news apps. I also retain information through word of mouth among my friends online. Television falls into the middle with news stations such as CNN and MSNBC. Utilizing online search engines and video-sharing sites […]

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