The Buttry Diary- Career lessons from a former ‘Twitter monkey’

March 29, 2012

Steve Buttry offers career advice on how journalists can break out of the twitter monkey status. Buttry’s advice is useful for any journalist wanting to advance in the newsroom and gives an accurate depiction of what the next steps are. Some of the strong points that I would like to emphasize are:

Take initiative and work on additional assignments that are outside of your job. People notice if you make an active effort to contribute and put forth additional time and effort.

Network and establish connections with your colleagues, bosses, sources and whoever else you may come across. You never know who will be able to open doors to new opportunities for you in the future.

Blog about your experiences and skills you have acquired over your career. Blogging enables you to engage with readers, establish a community of followers and increase your search engine optimization. Having a blog will give potential employers a solid overview of your skill set and contributions.

Take responsibility and be accountable for your actions. Amend the situation by admitting to faults and working to improve rather than make excuses.


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