Workshop I: Word 2010- Advanced Formatting

March 3, 2012

Microsoft Word 2010 advanced workshop covered several advanced formatting skills to edit documents.

Track Changes allows individuals to note changes and edits made to a document. This feature is an easy way to edit another person’s work and communicate those changes effectively through markups, highlighting and comment balloons

Advanced find and replace may be used to scan and make changes to information in lengthy documents. The wildcard feature allows users to extend their search and find and replace the following items

  • Any single character or string of characters
  • Beginning or end of a word
  • Specified characters within a certain range
  • Occurrences of characters or expressions

Quick Parts enables users to create and store reusable templates for documents.

The following techniques may be used to refine documents, reports, resumes, letters and online stories to add a more professional touch. Furthermore, these skills will be useful for my editing role in my class project and will allow me to effectively scan through and edit another person’s work.

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