Briggs: Chapter 10

February 28, 2012

News as a Conversation

Journalists are engaging in news conversations through comments and social networking:

Comments serve as a place for readers to openly discuss and debate topics. Nowadays, almost all online stories have a section for user-generated content, which allows the audience to connect with each other through news, photo and video sharing.

Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have transformed the way people connect and receive information online. Reporting now reflects a constant flow of information that is timely and interactive because of the two-way conversation among the journalists and the audience.

How to build and manage online community:

Make news participatory

  • Link and comment through photos, video, edits, message board posts, votes, recommendations, promotions, etc.
  • Use the 1-10-100 rule by Bradley Horowitz: one¬†percent of users create content,¬†10 percent post comments or link, 100 percent benefit from actions of first two groups.

Develop sources through large scale social networks, niche networks or build one on your own through Google Groups.

  • Build extended networks
  • Search for ideas
  • Build contacts
  • Discover information
  • Proactively involve the audience

Collaborate with community through link journalism.

Maintain integrity and accuracy in conversations

  • Set guidelines for participants
  • Monitor offensive posts
  • Correct errors
  • Educate the public
  • Hold journalists accountable for their mistakes

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