Journalism Next: Chapter 5

February 20, 2012

Mobile journalism allows reporters and average citizens to provide firsthand coverage with the ability to post updates, photo and video from a cell phone and onto the Web. Mobile reporting can be done on any medium from any location and serves as a supplement to in-depth reporting.

Mobile reporting can cover an array of events, including speeches, trials, breaking news events, public gatherings, sporting events and grand openings of public consumer spots. When covering an event, it is important to use news judgment to determine what events are interesting and worth reporting.

Tim Repsher, managing director for Media General provides the following tips for mobile reporters:

  • Deliver immediate, relevant information to the reader
  • Draw in readers to pursue other channels for additional coverage
  • Invite the public to gather information and share perspective

There are two types of mobile journalists in the field today:

  1. Gearhead: A journalists who is constantly reporting and publishing content from the field. They will use a variety of reporting equipment such as a laptop, camera, video camera, tripod, audio recorder, headphones, microphone and cell phone.
  2. Light packer: A journalist who occasionally reports from the field. This type of journalists usually carries a smartphone with camera and video capability, keypad and internet connection for reporting purposes.

Nowadays, it is easy to publish any type of content to an online platform for free.

Twitter is the most effective for mobile microblogging, for minute by minute coverage on a topic.

Live blogging sites such as TechCrunch and CoveritLive allows timely coverage for an ongoing event. Remember to create one post and add to it for the audience to easily follow along.

Mobile video services such as Qik, Kyte, Flixwagon can stream live video on a cell phone without Internet connection

Mobile crowdsourcing allows the audience to get involved in the conversation with a user-focused approach. Sites like Twitter gives the audience instant access to comment and leave feedback through hashtags for certain news events. News organizations can connect with the mobile audience by retweeting user comments.

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